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Does your kitchen need a facelift? Are your cabinets worn or outdated? If you like the present layout of your kitchen but want a fresh look without the hassle and expense of a full blown kitchen remodel then you should consider cabinet refacing. Our typical cabinet refacing project gives you the kitchen you desire in a week or less and costs about 35% of the cost of a full kitchen remodel. We can also install new countertops and tile backsplashes, under cabinet lighting, and add or modify a few cabinets to improve the layout or accommodate the newer and larger modern appliances.

What makes us different and better than all the other cabinet refacing contractors?

At Arizona Kitchens and Refacing we use a 3/16″ thick solid wood facing material we custom mill for your project which is carefully installed on the fronts of your cabinets and will never fail. WE DO NOT USE the peel and stick veneer the other contractors use. That veneer is prone to peeling in a few years after the warranty is over, typically on surfaces next to the dishwasher or the oven from the heat and humidity. Our process and materials are simply better.

What is exactly is cabinet refacing?

Cabinet refacing in Arizona is the economical way to update your kitchen and baths. The process involves choosing a new door and drawer front style, a new stain color, and a new wood species. All exposed surfaces are covered including new end panels. Our vast selection of door styles, end panels, crown moldings, and facing materials are handcrafted locally by specialists in their trades. All of the materials are expertly finished with care in $100,000 EPA legal spray booth (Not in the back yard) with the most durable and modern finishes on the market. Our entire team of real, old fashioned craftsmen grew up in families that were custom furniture makers and home builders and we take great pride in delivering on our promises with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We do what we say and say what we do and live by the Golden Rule. As a team, we have completed over 500 projects and have a perfectly clean contractor’s record for a reason!

We know that you will probably invite a few contractors out to evaluate your project and provide you with proposals and we would like to be one of them! Our on staff designer can meet with you to provide you with a proposal that meets all of your needs! We are looking for great clients! Call Arizona Kitchens and Refacing today at 602-548-8850.

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Arizona Kitchens and Refacing provides full Kitchen Remodeling services including Cabinet Refacing. If you are interested in getting a quote for a new kitchen remodel project, give us a call today.


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